Futuro is the next generation of the popular Bravo/Cavallo trailer. It's made in an aluminium strengthened composite material. Hence, it's an incredibly durable trailer with high curb weight.

You can order the trailer in any color, for example coordinate with your car.


Standard equipement:

  • Laden weight: optional up to 2600kg

  • Curb weight: up to 1785kg

  • Height floor to ceiling: 240cm

  • Width inside: 170cm

  • 5mm solid aluminium floor

  • 2 roof hatches

  • Tack room and cloth storage

Futuro is available in three different models depending on what laden weight is desired:

Light = Laden weight 1185kg - 1990kg Price from 114 000:- VAT included

220 SEH = Laden weight 1200kg - 1990kg Price from 134 900:- VAT included

226 SEH = Laden weight 1300kg - 2600kg Price from 140 700:-VAT included

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